Celebrate the start of spring!

There’s still a chill in the air, but the spring equinox in March officially marks the end of winter. In the Northern hemisphere, spring is a season of rebirth. As the days get longer, lighter and eventually warmer, new leaves and buds appear on the bare ground and trees. The season is full of growth, and a sunny spring day always makes me feel inspired and motivated.

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New Year, Same Me: Starting a Gratitude Journal

It can no longer be denied, 2022 is winding to a close. One part of the New Year’s celebrations I have always struggled with (apart from the fireworks, which are pretty, but scare my dog) is New Year’s resolutions. There are a hundred and one tips and tricks out there for how to set resolutions and make them stick. But I find the whole thing a little bit forced. Is the new year the best time to make changes? And why do I need a new me anyway? I find that during the cold, dark months all I really want to do is hibernate. Which isn’t really the sort of “new me” that New Year’s resolutions are supposed to inspire. So, this year, instead of a New Year’s resolution, I’m going to finish 2022 by starting a gratitude journal.

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A place to unwind: journaling for an HSP

For some reason I have always found the last quarter of the year quite stressful. Heading back to school or uni, or back to work after a summer holiday certainly require some settling in time. And after that there only seem to be a couple of weeks left before everyone is talking about Christmas! The upcoming bright lights and increasing social demands can be an exciting time for many. But for those who identify as a highly sensitive person, or HSP, this can be a difficult season. Making time to withdraw, de-stress and recharge is vital, and journaling for an HSP can create a place to unwind and focus on personal wellbeing.

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Travel Journals

Summertime is here and to celebrate we thought we’d share a peek at our new collection. We’ve curated a selection of our favourite summer covers to create a new range of Travel Journals. We’ve even pre-set the cover text so all you’ll need to do is add your name, select your perfect paper and binding… Then you can get started on packing!

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