Three Budget Crafts for Christmas

The hustle and bustle of Christmas, while merry and bright, can feel a bit overwhelming. Sometimes December seems to go by in a flash of shopping, travelling, wrapping and cooking. Making time to relax, either by yourself or with friends and family, is a good way to keep from getting snowed under. At Billy, we love crafting, so we’ve picked our top three crafts for Christmas to help you connect with the festive season and chill.

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How to plan a perfect Christmas day

We’ve reached the most magical time of the year. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for Christmas to become the most stressful time of the year as well. It’s so difficult to juggle buying Christmas presents, seeing all the family, work dos, markets and food prep. And not forgetting maybe even trying to squeeze in a moment to relax?! I always find it easier to achieve a stress-free Christmas if I’ve taken some time to get properly organised first. And as one of my favourite organisation methods is lists, here’s a list of five ways to plan a perfect Christmas day. Notebooks at the ready!

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Christmas is lighting up the horizon and I am excited. It’s hard to deny that Christmas magic! I love the indulgence of a mince pie with a steaming cup of mulled wine, and there’s nothing quite like ending a walk on a crisp winter’s day by catching up with friends in a cosy, fairy-light wreathed pub. However, the one part of the season that can be either a treasure or a torture is buying Christmas gifts. There’s nothing worse than struggling to think of the right present for someone. And although I really love taking my time to find thoughtful gifts for my friends and family, I don’t want it to take over the whole of Christmas! So, to help you start ticking presents off your Christmas list, we’ve put together the Billy Christmas Gift Guide 2022.

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